Smartfire Initial Setup

Quick start guide to Smartfire Controller setup

Step 1: Smartfire App (3 mins)


  • Download the Smartfire App from your device's app store
  • Login to the app with Facebook/Google or email authentication. The purpose is to make it easy for you to control your Smartfire from multiple devices without pairing again.
  • Leave the app on the initial Setup screen



  • Unpack the Smartfire Controller and set it out in a convenient location near a power outlet within range of your home Wi-Fi
  • Plug your 5 Volt 1A to 2A USB wall wart into your power outlet. We recommend recent generation Apple & Samsung phone chargers.
  • Unpack the Smartfire USB power cord from the packaging and plug into the USB power source and the Controller
  • The Controller status light communicates what mode it is in.
    • It will start blinking Green while trying to connect to WiFi for 60 seconds.
    • Then it will start blinking Blue while listening for pairing and setup for about 4 minutes. As soon as this starts, proceed with the next step.
    • If not configured in that time it will restart the process to check for WiFi network availability



  • Open the Smartfire App and follow the on-screen setup instructions to connect via BLE to your Controller
  • Provide the app with the SSID name and password of a Wi-Fi network that you want the Controller to use during normal operation. Don't use special characters in the network name like apostrophes, no spaces plain text is ideal
  • Smartfire Controller should be slowing breathing Cyan Blue to indicate its connected to Internet.
  • You’ve successfully completed setup!