Cake Tin BBQ Adaptor
Cake Tin BBQ Adaptor
Cake Tin BBQ Adaptor
Cake Tin BBQ Adaptor
Cake Tin BBQ Adaptor
Cake Tin BBQ Adaptor
Cake Tin BBQ Adaptor
Cake Tin BBQ Adaptor

Cake Tin BBQ Adaptor

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The Cake Tin Intermediary Adaptor makes life super simple for Kettle / Bullet smoker owners. It sits on your smoker daisy wheel / slot vent (on a one touch Weber) and is toggle bolted to the smoker. The Universal Adaptor (sold separately) attaches to the Cake Tin. No drilling or smoker modification required!



  • This is currently a (very well) hand made part from ..a cake tin. We'll be making a production manufacturing version of this in Q1 2020. If you happen to want to DIY get in touch with us and we can give you a drawing.
  • The Cake Tin & Universal Adaptor are bundled in with the Weber WSM/Kettle, ProQ and Fornetto bullet smokers. It's why the bundle pricing is slightly higher on those variants compared to say a kamado bundle.
  • The Universal Adaptor pictured does not come with the cake tin, if you buy this cake tin part you need to buy the universal adaptor. The picture is to show how to assemble it.
  • Maintenance wise you'll find some fine ash will collect in the cake tin. It's a very good idea to clean the tin out (even by holding the bottom section of the smoker upside down!) every month or two.


100mm diameter x 50mm high
Required components Smartfire Universal Adaptor
  • Install the Universal Adaptor in the large cake tin hole. You want it to be about 15mm through the cake tin.
  • Insert the bolt into the top hole
  • Align the daisy wheels of your smoker so they're fully open and push the bolt through the top hole
  • If using a leaf style kettle, see additional install instructions below. 
  • Secure it firmly with the washer and butterfly nut
Leaf style kettle instructions
  • Locate the leave that isn’t above where the lever traverses. Mark it.
  • Undo the lever
  • Pull the leave assembly and square post up from inside the kettle
  • The leaves slide off the square post.
  • Unclip the leave you marked.
  • Reassemble the remaining leaves onto the stem
  • Orientate it the right way and insert back into kettle
  • Reattach the lever.


PS, the photo bomber is Shelby. She *loves* to sit next to the smokers basking in the sun and the smell of bbq treats.

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