ECTherm Wireless Probe
ECTherm Wireless Probe

ECTherm Wireless Probe

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Finally offering wireless probe integration!

Supercapacity for lighting fast charging and better durability than lithium. Smaller than most at 5mm barrel diameter and 115mm overall length. Comes with charging and storage case!

Let's talk about some specifications, that's what you've come for!

Supercapacitor, no no Lithium Battery worries
Run time ~4 hours per charge
Charge time 2 minutes!
Accuracy 1.8 °F/1°C
Max temperature 572°F/300°C
Note: probe must be inserted into the food up to the ceramic. The exposed electronics max temperature is 100C
Range Up to 33 ft/10 m Bluetooth, but specifically intended to connect to nearby Smartfire Controller to avoid any range issues!

Still craving more information, checkout the ECTherm website!


Carefully note:

  • Do not leave probes inside smokers at extreme (>250C/480F) temperatures. To avoid damage, do not place in close proximity to flame.
  • Don't drop them on hard surfaces as this can shatter the internal ceramic sensor. Simply, if your probe suddenly starts reading >500F in ambient air then it's been dropped/hit and internally it's broken.