What's Included In The Box

Our Super Summer Smartfire Controller pack is fully loaded so you can focus on amazing BBQ

  • You get the Smartfire Controller Pro (BT+WiFi)
  • Fully loaded with waterproof high quality probes - 1x BBQ, 3x Food
  • Automatic probe winders so no more mess, no more need to spend 15 minutes untangling probe cables before a cook.
  • Smartfire Adaptor to suit your smoker
  • Smartfire Storage Case, awesome ballistic webbing wrapped case designed to store all your BBQ gadgets.
  • Free (!) International Shipping
  • No hidden or monthly costs to have full monitor and control features!

You'll Also Need
  • USB wall charger (1-2A, 5V)
  • WiFi with internet access to use all the Smartfire features. Otherwise direct Bluetooth will work as well if you're in 20' range.
  • The smoker, charcoal and delicious food to be cooked!