v4 Controller Support

Some common fixes for old V4 hard red shell Smartfire Controller

Can't Pair Smartfire, It was paired before (status light is breathing cyan, i.e. online)
Note: only applies to Wi-Fi Only Units (Pre Nov 2017 BT+Wi-Fi)

If Smartfire is connected to Wi-Fi, it disables its listening setup mode to prevent someone hi-jacking it. You can open the Smartfire app on the Wi-Fi settings page and click the ‘Activate pairing mode’ button that appears when the Smartfire is online if you are paired.

If you have no devices paired with the Smartfire that is online, the simplest way to force it to listen mode is to change your Wi-Fi network password temporarily. Then pair with the phone/tablet and later on you can change your WiFi network password back to its original setting. This is because Smartfire remembers the last 5 passwords.

The Wi-Fi reconnection process is:

  1. Delete and reinstall the Smartfire app
  2. Open the Smartfire app, login, then leave it on the initial welcome to setup screen
  3. Change your wifi password on your router
  4. Connect your phone to the wifi network
  5. Disable mobile data if you have Android
  6. Power cycle (unplug power, pause, plug back in) the Smartfire
  7. It’ll blink green for a minute (trying to connect) then will start blinking dark blue (setup mode)
  8. You have 4 minutes to complete pairing - connect to the Smartfire hotspot, switch to app, provide your new wifi password
  9. Wait for it all to go online with a probe plugged in
  10. Change your wifi password back
  11. Power cycle your Smartfire. It remembers the last 5 networks its been told so it should reconnect and should appear in your phone

Wi-Fi setup

  • Make sure you have a B/G/N network available
  • Ensure the bandwidth is set to 20Mhz channels not 'auto' nor '40Mhz'. The symptoms of a mismatch is it connecting but dropping out regularly to the green or dark blue blinking. Normally the setting is in the advanced section of your Wi-Fi router.
  • If you're having drop out issues, try moving to about 2 metres from your Wi-Fi router and see if it does the steady cyan blue breathing (happily connected). Then try halfway to your smoker, rinse repeat.

Android users

  • If pairing an older Wi-Fi only Smartfire Controller (pre Nov '17) turn off 'mobile data' while doing Smartfire setup. Some people couldn't set up their Smartfire, it'd just stay on the setup page even though you were connected to the Smartfire hotspot. Simple fix is to turn off 'mobile data' during setup. Since the Smartfire doesn't provide internet, Android gets smart by quietly routing traffic to your 4g connection instead of accessing the Smartfire. 
  • Another tip is to turn off battery optimisation for the Smartfire app, to avoid it suspending the app while you're using it.


  • Some old iPad chargers don't work well, resulting in the Smartfire often blinking white.
  • Power banks that have less than 30% charge can supply less than 5v power which can cause issues, so try a main power wall wart like an USB smartphone charger
  1. Download the Smartfire BBQ app from your relevant app store. Login to the app, then access the User Manual through the side menu. Read the guide for great information on operating the Smartfire.
  2. Then checkout the FAQs page!
  3. Go through the 'Get Connected' list below which features the active Facebook community, particularly 'Smartfire Owners'  group that are always happy to help!

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