"Cake Tin" Adaptor

It's currently a hand made part and is reliant on availability and time to make them up. We'll be making a production manufacturing version of this in Q1 2019. If you happen to want to DIY get in touch with us and we can give you a drawing.

100mm diameter x 50mm high
Required components Smartfire Universal Adaptor
  • Install the Universal Adaptor in the large cake tin hole
  • Insert the bolt into the top hole
  • Align the daisy wheels of your smoker so they're fully open and push the bolt through the top hole
  • If using a leaf style kettle, undo the leaf assembly and remove the leaf furthest from the sweeper lever so that the lever will not hit the cake tin when secured. Insert bolt through the top of the opening 
  • Secure it firmly with the washer and butterfly nut


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