Cake Tin BBQ Adaptor

It's currently a hand made part and is reliant on availability and time to make them up. We'll be making a production manufacturing version of this in Q1 2019. If you happen to want to DIY get in touch with us and we can give you a drawing.

100mm diameter x 50mm high
Required components Smartfire Universal Adaptor
  • Install the Universal Adaptor in the large cake tin hole
  • Insert the bolt into the top hole
  • Align the daisy wheels of your smoker so they're fully open and push the bolt through the top hole
  • If using a leaf style kettle, see additional install instructions below. 
  • Secure it firmly with the washer and butterfly nut
Leaf style kettle instructions
  • Locate the leave that isn’t above where the lever traverses. Mark it.
  • Undo the lever
  • Pull the leave assembly and square post up from inside the kettle
  • The leaves slide off the square post.
  • Unclip the leave you marked.
  • Reassemble the remaining leaves onto the stem
  • Orientate it the right way and insert back into kettle
  • Reattach the lever.


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