Gateway Drum Teardrop Smartfire Adaptor

This 'Drum Smoker' adapter is specifically designed for the teardrop vertical air risers on the Gateway Drum Smokers. 

It's solidly made of Stainless Steel, the base is actually 5mm thick to ensure tight side to side contact with the air inlet. It has been designed to sit flush with the Gateway riser teardrop sides, either fully open or fully closed depending whether you have pushed it left or right. No kill plug required to close it!



UDS Teardrop
  • Gateway Drum Smokers
  • Ultimate Drum Smokers
  • Drum smokers with teardrop air inlet


Using It

Simply unscrew your current teardrop inlet vent and replace with the Smartfire vent.


- It includes a red plastic plug to seal the adaptor and keep the bugs and weather out when not in use. It's heat resistant to 70C/160F, so recommend to let the fire die down via the exhaust before using it.