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Smartfire Controller 5.0

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Stress Less, Enjoy More, Cook Perfectly

You can achieve professional-quality results at home. The integrated controller and fan helps your smoker to reach and maintain temperature. Our sophisticated temperature graph shows how your cooking is progressing and you can make manual adjustments using the app.

This means you are free to get more stuff done while Smartfire is doing the hard work for you.

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Smartfire Controller
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How does it work?

Smartfire BBQ controls the fire temperature by regulating the smoker airflow. An adaptor attaches it to your smoker's bottom vent and an internal fan provides airflow control which precisely manages the ambient smoker temperature, rock steady at target!

Smartfire is easy to setup and lets you keep tabs on your progress remotely via the Smartfire app. Cloud, Bluetooth and WiFi connectivity for any situation, any where.


Mobile and desktop apps means pitmaster control is at your fingertips.

You can get some shopping done, sleep through the night during overnight cooking and enjoy your guests while Smartfire BBQ is cooking your BBQ food perfectly.

Smartfire Owner Jason Lougher "Smartfire has been the best BBQing investment I’ve made to date. I can BBQ when I’m at work, sleep, or even playing with my son. Gives you back your day."


Set and forget temperature control so you can enjoy your weekend. Don't worry, the Smartfire will let you know when dinner is ready!

The amazing Smartfire app will guide you every step of the way, making it easy to be a BBQ pro. Our sophisticated temperature graph shows how your cooking is progressing and you can make adjustments using the app. 

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Smartfire Controller 5.0
Market leading technology. Latest generation electronics, dual intake fan, weatherproof silicone sleeve in your choice of Ember or Flame!
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