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I want a Smartfire

Smartfire BBQ Controller is designed and made in Australia to help customers world-wide to enjoy BBQ with friends and family.

You can achieve professional-quality results at home. The integrated controller and fan helps your smoker to reach and maintain temperature. Our sophisticated temperature graph shows how your cooking is progressing and you can make manual adjustments using the app.

This means you are free to get more stuff done while Smartfire is doing the hard work for you.


Smartfire Controller 5.0 feels like luxury to hold due to it's weather proof silicone sleeve. Choose the color combo that speaks to you!

  • Flame’s silicone sleeve is Smartfire’s signature red and the inner plastic case is matt black
  • Ember is black silicone sleeve and the inner plastic case is matt Smartfire red.


Just want to get cooking or want all the gadgets?

  • Smartfire Starter has a more compact storage case and comes with the essentials to start cooking
  • Smartfire Deluxe comes in the larger storage case (with spare room for other gadgets) and is fully loaded with 4 probes and cable winders


There is a Smarfire bbq adaptor for the vast majority of smokers (sorry offset owners!)

  • Kamado adaptors covering all the major brands (and look-a-likes)
  • Universal Bowl is our advanced adaptor for kettle and bullet style smokers

Smartfire Starter Pack

  • Compact case - sheathed in ballistic nylon for hard wearing
  • 2 Food probes - curved for easy removal from food
  • 1 BBQ ambient probe - color coded red for fire
  • Adaptor of your choosing
  • Color of your choosing

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