Welcome to Smartfire!

Wi-Fi BBQ Smoker Thermometer and Temperature Controller
Monitor, manage and perfectly smoke your favourite BBQ from your smartphone while getting the weekend shopping done! Stress less, enjoy more, smoke perfectly!

  • Professional grade temperature monitoring and pit control so you can spend more time enjoying yourself
  • Designed for convenience, Internet connectivity means you can keep tabs on progress remotely via the Smartfire app ‡
  • Smartfire also regulates the BBQ temperature on your behalf by automatically controlling the smoker airflow supply so you aren’t up all night adjusting vents ‡
  • Advanced control via temperature ramping to avoid overshoot, open lid detection to prevent flare up and temperature graphing to watch progress
  • Integrated controller and fan unit - it’s small, easy to store and has minimal wires to get tangled
  • Easy USB power (i.e. no outdoor power required if you have a power bank) that is convenient worldwide whether at home, camping or competing. 

8 hours of perfect 225F. Super happy.

Iain, Kamado Pit Boss

Sleeping and taking the family out for breakfast while the Sammie the Smartfire slaves over a hot Akorn. Haha!

Keith, Kamado Akorn
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