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How do I get going?

Checkout our Smartfire 5.0 Initial setup guide!

What else will I need?

An USB 'wall wart' power supply like a smartphone charger or a 10,000+mAh power bank. The Smartfire Summer Pack includes everything else you need (probes, adaptor, Controller). We don't include a power adaptor as we ship worldwide and everyone has a cupboard drawer full of power plugs these days.

How do I connect it to my smoker?

The Smartfire Controller connects to your smoker via a female metal adaptor. There's a wide range of Kamado and Universal (for everything else) style adaptors available. It's compatible with BBQ Guru if you happen to already have one of their adaptors.

Could you power it from batteries?

Yes! It has been designed to run conveniently from 5V, the voltage used by many 'power bank' options on the market for mobile devices. 

  • To determine what type of power bank you should get it's most useful to know how many hours continual use (without an available mains supply) you need. IE Cooking once for 15 hours and once for 5 hours a week you'd need about 20 hours supply.
  • Battery consumption appears to be 250mAH (250 milliamps per hour)
  • Power banks often vary their voltage when they are below 40% charged, this can cause the Smartfire to read temperatures erratically because the power supply is not consistent. You should get a battery that can supply double the amount of hours you require.  ie 20 hours * 2 - 40; 40 hours at 250mAH is ~10,000mAH so that's roughly the battery size we need.
  • Note, power banks often aren't the mAH that they claim, only way to know is to open the case and Google the part number on the battery. Generally you can tell by price, you'll be paying $40-60 AUD for 10,000mAH.

Is it waterproof?

The Smartfire 5.0 features a weather proof silicone sleeve. Naturally you have to have it correctly orientated upright with the air vents directly at the bottom!

The sleeve is designed with an inset lip so that rain/hail/snow will fall down the outside of the sleeve and any pesky rain holding on will drip off the lip that is inset from the edge. Everything falls harmlessly past the probes/power and air vents.

Is it heatproof?

The Smartfire 5.0 features a silicone sleeve that is resistant to heat to ~260C. However the internal ABS plastic case is only resistant to 130C / 266F.

This means the plastic shouldn't bend if exposed to brief high temperatures. The electronics inside are resistant to roughly 65C / 150F. So, folk should take care that there is no burning fuel close to the adaptor outlet as the heat and/or live charcoal may affect the unit. It's advised to use a water pan or even a wire barrier on the inside to keep charcoal a few inches from the adaptor outlet on the inside of the pit. 

The maximum temperature in the Smartfire app is 450F (~230C). Please consult the vent guide for settings including safety use of the bottom vent to avoid hot air being pushed through the Smartfire when the lid is closed. For bullet/kettle smokers we'd recommend lower maximums (ie 350F)  and careful management of the fire basket as those metal shelled smokers get molten lava hot!

Summary being, Smartfire is reasonably heat proof but show sensible caution to keep the Smartfire 5" away from direct burning fuel and highly recommended to be below the fire grate to avoid rising hot air.

Technical specifications 

  • 106mm L x 43mm W x 72mm H   
  • 4.17" L x 1.69" W x 2.83" H
  • 5 Volt 1-2 Amp DC power input
  • USB-C connector
    Probe sockets
    • 4 probe inputs
    • 1 for BBQ pit, 3 hybrid food/secondary pit sockets 
    • 2.4Ghz radio only
    • IEEE 802.11 b/g compliant
    • Wireless security support for WEP, WPA Personal, WPA2 Personal

    Is there a returns / exchanges policy?

    Your enjoyment of our Smartfire products is our primary concern, so please get in touch with us if you have any issues. The short version is we gladly honour the Australian law consumer guarantees as well as a happiness return policy and warranty.

    There is a full policy click here.


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