How do I get going?

Download the Smartfire app from your app store. Browse on the side menu to smoker setup guides. We have richly illustrated and detailed guides to help you get going with both Smartfire installation and tips on your BBQ smoker setup!

What else will I need?

An USB 'wall wart' power supply like a smartphone charger or a 10,000+mAh power bank. The Smartfire Summer Pack includes everything else you need (probes, adaptor, Controller). We don't include a power adaptor as we ship worldwide and everyone has a cupboard drawer full of power plugs these days.

How do I connect it to my smoker?

The Smartfire Controller connects to your smoker via a female metal adaptor. There's a wide range of Kamado and Universal (for everything else) style adaptors available. It's compatible with BBQ Guru if you happen to already have one of their adaptors.

Could you power it from batteries?

Yes! It has been designed to run conveniently from 5V, the voltage used by many 'power bank' options on the market for mobile devices. 

  • To determine what type of power bank you should get it's most useful to know how many hours continual use (without an available mains supply) you need. IE Cooking once for 15 hours and once for 5 hours a week you'd need about 20 hours supply.
  • Battery consumption appears to be 250mAH (250 milliamps per hour)
  • Power banks often vary their voltage when they are below 40% charged, this can cause the Smartfire to read temperatures erratically because the power supply is not consistent. You should get a battery that can supply double the amount of hours you require.  ie 20 hours * 2 - 40; 40 hours at 250mAH is ~10,000mAH so that's roughly the battery size we need.
  • Note, power banks often aren't the mAH that they claim, only way to know is to open the case and Google the part number on the battery. Generally you can tell by price, you'll be paying $40-60 AUD for 10,000mAH.

Is it waterproof?

It's designed to withstand light to medium rain conditions if orientated correctly upright. It has multiple holes for inlets and outlets for airflow so it's impossible for it to be waterproof. Sensible care and maintenance should be taken. 

For biblical weather there are many cheap solutions. A large rectangular tupperware container with a 33mm hole cut for the outlet, a simple rubber sheet rubber banded to the top of the unit, or our favourite, a 100mm to 50mm downpipe pvc plumbing adaptor. All cost less than $5 so if you get really bad weather it's easy to solve, just jump on the Facebook Smartfire Owners group for inspiration and advice!

Is it heatproof?

Smartfire Controller cases are resistant to 130C / 266F. This means the plastic shouldn't bend if exposed to brief high temperatures. The electronics inside are resistant to roughly 65C / 150F. So, folk should take care that there is no burning fuel close to the adaptor outlet as the heat and/or live charcoal may affect the unit. It's advised to use a water pan or even a wire barrier on the inside to keep charcoal a few inches from the adaptor outlet on the inside of the pit. 

Summary being, Smartfire is reasonably heat proof but show sensible caution to keep the Smartfire 5" away from direct burning fuel and highly recommended to be below the fire grate to avoid rising hot air.


Technical specifications 

  • 106mm L x 43mm W x 72mm H   
  • 4.17" L x 1.69" W x 2.83" H
  • 5 Volt 1-2 Amp DC power input
  • DC barrel (center-positive 5.5 x 2.1mm barrel jack) to USB Male cable supplied
  • Do Not use more (or less) than 5V!
Probe sockets
  • 4 probe inputs
  • 1 for BBQ pit, 3 hybrid food/secondary pit sockets 
  • IEEE 802.11 b/g compliant
  • Wireless security support for WEP, WPA Personal, WPA2 Personal

Is there a returns / exchanges policy?

Your enjoyment of our Smartfire products is our primary concern, so please get in touch with us if you have any issues. We've been known to drive spare parts out on Sunday mornings, replace probes etc.

The short version is we gladly honour the Australian law consumer guarantees as well as a happiness return policy and warranty.

We offer a 30 day return policy in case you aren't satisfied with the product. To be eligible for a return, your item must be in good order and in the same condition that you received it aside from responsible usage. It must also be in the original undamaged packaging. It's important to mail it back with the same love and care that its mailed to you - bubblewrap and a sturdy exterior box. If its mailed back without appropriate packaging it will likely result in damage to the unit and retail packaging which will be reflected in the refund amount. Our goal is to turn these units around and donate them to worthwhile competition teams who do charity fundraising, so make sure they're in the same condition as you'd expect if you were receiving a present.

Parts are covered by a 12 month replacement warranty for part and manufacturing defects. Components that have been (accidentally) exposed beyond their stated limits (i.e. temperature or water) are not considered to be defective.

The long version available on the checkout provides further detail. The policy should encourage responsible behaviour on both sides of the transaction to ensure smooth sailing for our small business that provides great value and support to the BBQ community!

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