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Tired of the sleepless nights or missing family activities ?

Long BBQ cooks take a lot of effort to keep an eye on.

Sleepless nights, missed kid's sports games, feeling exhausted before the guests have arrived - not as enjoyable as BBQ should be.

Smartfire has been the best BBQ'ing investment I’ve made to date. I can BBQ when I’m at work, sleep, or even playing with my son. Gives you back your day.

— Jason L.

Reviewed and recommended by Amazing Ribs as a Gold Star winner, "Among the best of its type in its price category. A strong buy recommendation." 

— Amazing Ribs

Absolute FIVE Star Product. The Smart Fire is easily the most functional and reliable fan unit I’ve used. It works as you would hope and it’s easy to use. Love it!

— John M.

This maintains the exact heat perfectly so I can kick off an 8 hour smoke and not even look at it until its ready, perfect for starting at night ready for lunch the next day. I have cooked by far my best BBQ's using this. There is also a great facebook group with lots of useful cooking information that the manufacturer contributes to regularly. Can't recommend highly enough.

— Phil S.

Stress less, enjoy more, smoke perfectly

Monitor and Control your BBQ Smoker from your phone, anywhere!

Smartfire regulates the BBQ temperature on your behalf by automatically controlling the smoker airflow supply so you aren't up all night adjusting vents. 


Monitor & Control From Anywhere, Anytime
  • Professional grade temperature monitoring and pit control so you can spend more time enjoying yourself
  • Designed for convenience, cloud Internet connectivity when connected via WiFi means you can keep tabs on progress remotely via the Smartfire app. You can be at the shops or watching your kid's Saturday morning sports game while still being in full control of your cook!
  • Bluetooth Low Energy capability to make setup even easier and provide convenient connectivity on the road, whether competing, catering or camping
  • Integrated controller and fan unit - it's small, easy to store and has minimal wires to get tangled
On Target & Rock Steady Pit Temperature
  • Smartfire features true variable speed fan control with carefully engineered fan throughput to enable SmartAir puffs of air to maintain target temp. We are the guru's of BBQ temperature control, we don't suffer from 'see saw' temperature spikes and dips, we get rock solid temperatures flat as an ironing board.
  • Advanced control via temperature ramping to avoid overshoot, open lid detection to prevent flare up and temperature graphing to watch progress
Go Anywhere USB Power Convenience
  • Easy USB power that is convenient worldwide whether at home, camping or competing
  • Use 5 volt wall power or a power bank, choice is yours! 
  • We use a 5 volt fan so you can easily get through a weekend of cooking on a typical 10k power bank. Note to the wise, other market options use 12 volt fans which realistically means you have to have wall power or a large and expensive deep cycle battery to last a typical low and slow cook as they chew battery twice as fast!
Easy Adaptor Install

In The Box

  • Smartfire Controller 5.0

  • 1x BBQ Probe

  • 3x Food Probes

  • Large storage case with 7 slots

  • Adaptor, based on your BBQ choice

  • USB-C to USB-A Cable

  • 4x Probe Cable Winders

Meet Ember & Flame

The color combinations you get to choose from!


Guaranteed to make your smoker go faster, Flame is eye catching and the talk of town. The weatherproof silicone sleeve features the signature Smartfire red. Offsetting the bold vibe of the sleeve, folk will appreciate the splash of onyx matt black on the internal case. A masterpiece, a collector’s item, a must have.


Bring it on! Ember doesn’t care about charcoal covered hands and laughs when smeared with brisket fat. Under the tough and forgiving exterior of a midnight black silicone sleeve the embers of a fire burn brightly with the signature Smartfire red lighting up the internal case.

Cruise control for your smoker

Smartfire has been making bbq life easier since 2017. You won't regret becoming a Smartfire Owner!