Universal Bowl Adaptor
Universal Bowl Adaptor
Universal Bowl Adaptor
Universal Bowl Adaptor
Universal Bowl Adaptor

Universal Bowl Adaptor

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Our new model to replace the old "cake tin" adaptor. Easy 2 min install on kettle and bullet smokers with no drilling etc required!


  • Stainless 304 steel parts and fittings
  • 100mm x 15mm bowl dimension to cover the daisy wheel on Weber / ProQ / Fornetto kettle and bullet smokers
  • Includes probe entry grommet for install on Kettles. Make sure to constrain the fire to the other side of the BBQ!
  • Silicone kill plug

Install Directions

  • Assemble the short universal female coupler with the bowl. We recommend the silicone washer on the outside to decouple heat, and the lock nut naturally on the inside per photos.
  • The Smartfire coupler will blow straight into the smoker wall, don't try to line up for a 'straight throw' air flow. It's designed to blow into the smoker wall, and go sideways to the daisy wheel / inlet. This prevents ash/embers from falling in.
  • Put the bolt through the top bowl hole
  • Line up with your smoker
    • On bullet daisy wheels you want the female coupler at the top. Line up the coupler so it's near to a vent hole but not blowing through, this prevents ash/embers from falling in.
    • On a kettle you want the female coupler offset and not directly beneath the typical Weber rectangular vent.
  • Secure the bolt with the washer and wingnut inside the smoker
  • Check for secure fit and alignment and adjust as necessary
Leaf style kettle instructions
You need to remove one of the sweeper leaves, and it should be the one that the lever traverses beneath.
  • Remove the ash catcher as you won't need it
  • Locate the leave that isn’t above where the lever traverses. Mark it.
  • Undo the lever
  • Pull the leave assembly and square post up from inside the kettle
  • The leaves slide off the square post.
  • Unclip the leave you marked.
  • Reassemble the remaining leaves onto the stem
  • Orientate it the right way and insert back into kettle
  • Reattach the lever.


  • Set the fire / fuel well away from the adaptor. 
    • On a bullet you want the firebox to have a minion method with a small clearing near where the adaptor is so ash/embers don't fall in. You can also foil off the firebox tray for about 30mm on the bottom side near the adaptor for extra protection.
    • On a kettle you want to use a JG Offset Plate or Slow n' Sear to have the fuel on the opposite side of the kettle to the adaptor. You can also just use the Weber little fuel baskets and position them on the opposite side!
  • Insert the Smartfire into the coupler
  • Run your probes through the grommet if using a kettle as you don't want the lid to be crimping the cables!
  • You can optionally open your other vents 3-5mm to provide some circular airflow for an even fuelbox burn and some extra air for higher temp cooks
  • Cook to your heart's content
  • Shutdown first with your top vents and leave it settle for 10 minutes, ensure other vents are closed
  • Attach the kill plug once it's cooled to ~200F to fully kill the fire
  • Clean ash out from bowl every month so ash doesn't get into your Smartfire Controller