5V Fan/USB/Red Plug Pack (version 4 hardshell)

5V Fan/USB/Red Plug Pack (version 4 hardshell)

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This is a legacy product for version 4 (hard red plastic) controller spare parts

This new and improved fan is available for folk who either want to replace an old and damaged fan or simply upgrade to get a bit more fan power to drive larger smokers like the biggest bullet smokers or large gravity fed units.

Please note this fan is offered to customers who bought controllers before June 2017 that desire some extra fan power. It is included as standard on all new controllers

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What's in the Box?

The fan size with bubble wrap means it needs to be sent as a standard parcel. To keep the fan company in the box we'll be adding:

  • Spare USB cable (80cm)
  • Red plug for the adaptors

How to install the fan?

  • Use a mini screwdriver to undo the case screws (4), place aside
  • Unscrew the fan screws (2)
  • Unscrew the main electronics PCB screws (2), place screws aside and gently remove the PCB and place on a non-static surface such as paper
  • There is a white clip where the fan wire lead plugs into, recommended to use your fingernail to gently dislodge and pull the plug out
  • Plug in the new fan
  • While screwing the parts back into their respective positions, remember that not much torque is required and that the screw bosses are plastic. Very gentle firmness for the internal screws and very light tension on the external case screws.

How can I check which one I have?

  • Unscrew the case per the directions above and compare the fan sticker to the one in this picture. Generally any orders after June 2017 should have the new fan.