Probe Cable Winder & Organiser

Probe Cable Winder & Organiser

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The Smartfire probe cable winder makes life so much tidier for storage and easier. You won't need to spend 10 minutes untangling an unholy mess of probe cables each time you go to smoke!

To use them:

- Hold the probe and plug end in your hand with the cable hanging to the ground. Place the plug end about an inch higher than the start of the probe. This way when the cable retracts the probe end determines when it will stop retracting and will leave the plug dangling free, which is easier when you go to remove the cable!

- Use your other hand to pickup the cable and find the middle point and give it a very gentle bend to form a loop

- Locate where the trigger is on your cable winder. We recommend pushing the cable loop through one of the cable winder arches and over the trigger. 

- Gently pull back a tiny bit to activate the spring and then gently release the cable while maintaining some pressure. The mechanism will spin and wind the cable into the spindle.

- To remove the cable, simply pull the probe and the plug end at the same time gently to unwind it 

This YouTube video may also help you!