Long Cable Food Temperature Probe

Designed for use with the Smartfire BBQ Controller, this Food Probe accessory is spiked and curved to easily insert and remove from food. A key feature is they are waterproof so they work well in the humid environment of BBQ smokers!

The longer probe cable is designed for offsets, large cabinet smokers (like ProQ GFC) and other applications where the standard 1.5M / 5' probe isn't quite long enough.

Cable length
  • 2.4M
  • 8'
Operating temperature range
  • -40C to 350C
  • -40F to 660F
  • ~1% within normal cooking ranges (0-350C)


- Do not leave probes inside smokers at extreme (>350C/660F) temperatures. To avoid damage, do not place in close proximity to flame.

- Don't drop them on hard surfaces as this can shatter the internal filaments

Maintenance wise, it is suggested to:

  • Wipe with damp cloth and/or wet steel wool after use
  • Wipe cable every month with steel wool to bring shine back with very little effort!

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