Storage Case (Presale, due early July)

If you're keen to keep your Smartfire, probes and cables tidy when not in use, this is the solution for you. Custom designed for the Smartfire, this storage case is designed to make storage easy!

Storage space for:

  • 4 probe slots that accomodate the new cable winders
  • One dedicated Smartfire Controller slot
  • Miscellaneous slot that suits either a power bank or instant read thermometer
  • Large miscellaneous slot that can be used for another Smartfire Controller or as suits the Smartfire Owner 
  • Zippered top section within the lid to secure paperwork or valuables

The Smartfire Storage Case is designed to for BBQ environments. The midnight black fabric helps hide dirty finger marks. The bright red zippers help in the dark to access the case quickly. The solid EVA foam internals aren't the flimsy sponge like foam you see in most cases, its designed to hold and protect the Smartfire parts for a long time.

What stage of readiness is it at?

Glad you asked. This is a PRE-SALE. Final appearance, layout, dimensions and colour rendering may and quite likely will, vary between now and the production run. We've already had a prototype made but we didn't like the red outer case as it got dirty easily. Hence we've photoshopped it to give you a good impression of what it'll look like with a black case and red zipper. It's gone into the final round and we've approved production tooling based on our changes to the slot layout and appearance. We're expecting delivery in 8 weeks, so we anticipate to lodge the shipments to you in 9 weeks - end of June / early July. Your location and shipping method will determine when you receive it. The generous time buffers are to accomodate shipping and customs delays that pop up time to time, so we'd like to plan for the most likely scenario and be pleasantly surprised if its faster.

We're doing a presale as we're pretty sure most existing Smartfire customers will want one and by cranking up the volume based on committed orders we can offer it at a great special price. 

Have we mentioned the steak knives? Just kidding, but we do have something extra you can order. The new probe cable winders. The case has been specifically designed to accomodate 4 of them in the slots. We've provided some options in the order panel below to choose how many (and of what color mix) you want at special pricing. Click here for a quick video on how they work!

Limited Red Hot Offer with *massive savings* for 20 customers: Get the ultimate Probe Pack or Controller Pack - ie loaded with new Smartfire probes or a brand new BT+WiFi Controller (including USB cable). Be the first to get a Smartfire Controller shipped in the Storage Case!

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