Controller Fan (version 5)

Controller Fan (version 5)

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This is for the current version 5.0 with silicone sleeve

This is a replacement fan for the version 5.0 Controller with silicone sleeve. If you happen to have had an accident and need to replace your fan this is the solution!

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What's in the Box?

  • Controller 5.0 fan

How to install the fan?

  • Slip off the silicone sleeve. It's easiest to hook a finger under the bottom end furthest from the fan outlet and pull up and over. 
  • Use a mini screwdriver to undo the case screws (3), place aside
  • Gently separate the two case halves as the fan cable stretches between them
  • Unscrew the fan screws (2)
  • Unscrew the main electronics PCB screws (2), place screws aside and gently remove the PCB and place on a non-static surface such as paper
  • There is a white clip where the fan wire lead plugs into, recommended to use your fingernail to gently dislodge and pull the plug out while applying a gentle pull to the cable
  • Plug in the new fan
  • While screwing the parts back into their respective positions, remember that not much torque is required and that the screw bosses are plastic. Very gentle firmness for the internal screws and very light tension on the external case screws.