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The current generation Smartfire 5.0 was announced September 2020, bringing to an end the Smartfire hardware generations 1 to 4 that are easily identified by the hard red outer shell. It had been a great hardware platform that had survived bbq tough conditions for many years, and we're actively hearing how well they're still performing. 18 months later we're formally announcing End Of Support (hardware and software) for generations 1-4.
What this practically means for owners:
- Your v1-4 generation Smartfire will foreseeably keep running until it fails of old age. The 5.0 is better, is dead easy to setup and Bluetooth/wifi chip is amazing, but no immediate need to upgrade.
- Limited spare parts. There are no more electronic board replacements for v1-4. We have limited hardware components remaining (ie cases, fans, USB cables). If there’s no prior gen parts left it will be up to owners to move to the current generation hardware or DIY parts sourcing.
- Device setup and support will be limited to online knowledge bases and guides. There are well established guides available that provide easy walkthroughs of the common hurdles such as Wi-Fi setup. V1-4 Support requests will be directed to our knowledge base
Advancing BBQ technology is our business, and we're focussed on the 5.0 hardware and software platforms to bring new features to Smartfire Owners!

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