Smartfire Upgrade Controller 5.0

Smartfire Upgrade Controller 5.0

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The amazing 5.0 upgrade bundles for existing Smartfire Owners. See below for further detail!
For clarity: this product is only for Smartfire Owners. If you aren't already in our system we'll ask for serial numbers and photos for proof if any doubt and reserve the right to refuse any orders. If you haven't previously bought a Smartfire then go buy the full pack :)
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Who this is for?

You're a valued Smartfire Owner, you've been on the journey with us, perhaps from the very start! You're keen as mustard to get your hands on the latest Smartfire Controller but want a deal on the controller (and other goodies) as you have adaptors etc already. You are on the right page, so let's dive into some of the details.

What is included?

- Smartfire Controller 5.0

- USB-C to USB-A cable

What are the options?

We've made some bundles (and it took a lot of spreadsheet wrangling) of things you're likely to want to buy together.

Controller color choices

  • Ember (black sleeve)
  • Flame (red sleeve)


  • Certainly if you bought your controller from a number of years ago, it's time to get a new pit probe. We've made that super easy to do.
  • The new wireless probes are cool. You like new toys don't you? 
  • We even have an option for one of each, which is a handy option if you're going to be running multiple controllers or have really old probes!

Storage case

  • The new controller has put on some girth! She's now 50mm wide. 
  • If you have a storage case, measure the width of the Smartfire slot. Older cases are 45mm wide, and she will not fit in! Most cases sold this year are 50mm and she'll squeeze into that ok. Our new cases being manufactured now are a touch bigger at 53mm to make it easier.



You want the discount code on the Smartfire Owners page, message the Smartfire page if in doubt! Code expires by Oct 16 or when simply sold out!

Please note we aren't going to be providing customised bundles for folk. If you want other combinations then manually add the bits to your cart, the discount code also covers probes and adaptors as long as you buy one of these bundles.