Super Summer Smartfire Controller Pack

Love BBQ but not the stress?
Tired of the sleepless nights and effort to keep the pit temperature on target?

Monitor and Control your BBQ Smoker from your phone. Smartfire regulates the BBQ temperature on your behalf by automatically controlling the smoker airflow supply so you aren't up all night adjusting vents. 

Powerful app makes it easy to choose your protein, adjust your preferences and get cooking with confidence. Smartfire will let you know when dinner is ready!

Smartfire has been leading the BBQ industry with world first innovations. Get pitmaster grade cooking control with thousands of happy customers.

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Our Super Summer Smartfire Controller pack has everything you need to make amazing BBQ
  • You get the Smartfire Controller Pro (BT+WiFi)
  • Fully loaded with waterproof high quality probes - 1x BBQ, 3x Food
  • Automatic probe winders so no more mess, no more need to spend 15 minutes untangling probe cables before a cook.
  • Smartfire Adaptor to suit your smoker
  • Smartfire Storage Case, awesome ballistic webbing wrapped case designed to store all your BBQ gadgets.
  • Free (!) International Shipping
  • No hidden or monthly costs to have full monitor and control features!
    Monitor & Control From Anywhere, Anytime
    • Professional grade temperature monitoring and pit control so you can spend more time enjoying yourself
    • Designed for convenience, cloud Internet connectivity when connected via WiFi means you can keep tabs on progress remotely via the Smartfire app. You can be at the shops or watching your kid's Saturday morning sports game while still being in full control of your cook!
    • Bluetooth Low Energy capability to make setup even easier and provide convenient connectivity on the road, whether competing, catering or camping
    • Integrated controller and fan unit - it's small, easy to store and has minimal wires to get tangled

    On Target & Rock Steady Pit Temperature

    • Smartfire features true variable speed fan control with carefully engineered fan throughput to enable SmartAir puffs of air to maintain target temp. We are the guru's of BBQ temperature control, we don't suffer from 'see saw' temperature spikes and dips, we get rock solid temperatures flat as an ironing board.
    • Advanced control via temperature ramping to avoid overshoot, open lid detection to prevent flare up and temperature graphing to watch progress 

    Go Anywhere Convenience

    • Easy USB power that is convenient worldwide whether at home, camping or competing
    • Use 5 volt wall power or a power bank, choice is yours! 
    • We use a 5 volt fan so you can easily get through a weekend of cooking on a typical 10k power bank. Note to the wise, other market options use 12 volt fans which realistically means you have to have wall power or a large and expensive deep cycle battery to last a typical low and slow cook as they chew battery twice as fast!

    Easy Install


    Tech Specs

    • Celsius & Fahrenheit configurable
    • Ability to have up to 4 probes
    • Probes operating range -40C to 350C / -40F to 660F
    • Probe length 1.5M / 5'
    • Controller operating tested range -10C to 55C / 14F to 131F
    • Controller 106mm L x 43 W x 72 H / 4.17" x 1.69" x 2.83"
    • Wi-Fi IEEE 802.11 b/g/n compliant using 20Mhz bandwidth setting
    • Bluetooth Low Energy 4.2 (FCC ID: A8TBM70ABCDEFGH)
    • Wireless security support for WEP, WPA Personal, WPA2 Personal (FCC ID: 2AEMI-PHOTON / IC: 20127-PHOTON)


    In The Box
    The Summer Pack is fully loaded with everything you need.

    You'll Also Need

    • USB wall charger (1-2A, 5V)
    • WiFi with internet access to use all the Smartfire features. Otherwise direct Bluetooth will work as well if you're in 20' range.
    • The smoker, charcoal and delicious food to be cooked!

    Please Note

    • You're given the option to select your pit to get the matching adaptor. For more info, there are ceramic Kamado style for Primo/BGE/BigJoe and Universal Style for Webers/ProQ etc. 
    • This generation of Smartfire is not recommended for offsets - a stronger fan version with long probe cables¬†is in development.
    • As an aid to low and slow cooking, Smartfire Controller is designed for optimum performance in the 'Smoking' and 'BBQ' ranges (150-350F / 65-175C). You can use it for higher temp baking etc but should open bottom vents to assist.
    • For more information visit the FAQs page, and you're welcome to send an enquiry to ask anything, or join the Smartfire BBQ page on Facebook!

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